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Welcome to the web site of our Association!

The everyday gesture becomes the dance. Your gesture becomes the property of your companion.

The Association of Diffusion of Gestural Dance was started 25 years ago. As a professional choice the association proposes only Courses of Gestural Dance and holds a final dance recital intended to be stimulating and formative for students who regularly attend the courses beginning September 15th and ending the June 15th. Everyone interested in dance can participate in the courses - from professionals to those who study to become professionals, to those who live the dance as pure passion...

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The Neutral Mask

The Neutral Mask, born from the genius of Lecoq and created by Amleto Sartori, is the principle mask, the one that allows all the others to be worn.

The neutral mask leaves us bare, does not allow us to count on our face, on our words, or on the psychological game of the look: only in this way can every gesture of the body be felt in a truly aware manner. Biological, almost ancestral calls toward the truly authentic, the original, and altogether, the dawn and heritage of culture...

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